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Casting Call! [17 Jul 2004|06:58pm]

[ mood | amused ]

My, my....What a small world. XD

Harry Potter Casting With Your LJ Friends
LJ Username  
Harry Potter malaikawolfcat
Ron Weasley bardess
Hermione Granger a_generic_wolf
Draco Malfoy sergepssj
Albus Dumbledore dreamaria
You-Know-Who rockerbot27
This fun quiz by cho_malfoy - Taken 10408 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

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Harry Potter & T.S.S. On Sunday! [06 May 2004|09:16am]

Knowing me, I'll probably forget that it'll be on or be doing something else that'll hold my attention for more than an hour. X) Actually, I think I work Sunday night...so I'll probably miss much of the begining. Not that it matters since I can easily pop in the DVD & watch it without the commercials to annoy me.

Question: Do you think they'll show other *NEW* clips from "H.P. & T.P.o.A."? I'm assuming it'll be just a few clips from the trailer & not a whole lot of new stuff,...but you never know. From what I saw in the commercials, though, it hasn't looked any different that what I have seen.

Can you believe it?!? It's only about a month away from now!!! ^__^ Sadly, I prolly won't be in Cali for the premiere...<=*( Maybe some other time this year, though.
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[23 Apr 2004|01:42pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Is this a private club, or can anybody join......

You folks seem pretty interesting--could you stand having a blatant Minerva McGonagall-Madam Hooch-Petunia Dursley obssessoid chick in your midst??

::peeking in to see if it's safe...or at least, not too many flying objects::

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Bay-bees!!! =D [03 Mar 2004|01:05pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Which Harry Potter Guy Will Knock You Up? by jazzedsoprano
The FatherCedric Diggory
How/Why it happensBecause we're madly in ♥♥LOVE♥♥!
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

I didn't edit this.....No, I didn't........>.>...........<.<...........>.>..........<.<
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[27 Feb 2004|09:01am]

Apparently this is the 'first look' at Wormtail. He sure is ugly. :D They did a nice job making him look mouse-ish, though... But he's damn ugly. X) Only a face a mother could love.

Peter, Peter, Plum-kin EaterCollapse )
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[19 Feb 2004|05:20pm]



Though the metamorphosis at the bottom is funny. As Shani said: "Ahh.. Yes XD it's all like "Doobedoolala- AGHH."
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[16 Feb 2004|10:53am]

WHOA! New Lupin Picutre! :) I'm actually warming up to it, now...AND LOOK! THEY GAVE HIM CLAW SCARS ACROSS HIS FACE!

...Maybe he isn't so Hitler-ish afterall. But I don't like his hair. Ew.

Loony Loopy LupinCollapse )
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"C.o.S." Notes, Comments & So On... [19 Jan 2004|03:02am]

[ mood | restless ]

In spite of my lack of creativity in recent RPs, I'm sitting here--3 A.M.--making notes while I'm watching "C.o.S." on DVD. Hopefully, it'll spur some inspiration to get my RP kick back into gear. Not to mention my concentration & anticipation for "P.o.A." in June!

--At first sight of Snape...I automatically think of Caitlin. X]
--At first sight of Professor Sprout...I think 'Love Potion #9.'
--Hufflepuffs need to make more appearences. So do Ravenclaws.
--That hand...twitching thing Snape does that you mentioned, Caitlin...I'm not sure if I saw it or not.
--What or why did Draco rip that single sheet from that book he was looking through at Flourish & Blotts? I can't remember if it said what it was in the book. Must be some kind of yummy cookie reciepe! =D
--I never knew the exact placing of the House tables in the Great Hall. When standing at the entrance & looking in, it goes from left to right: Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, & Ravenclaw. Is that right? o.O
--If you look at Tom Riddle's tie, it looks like those 'new' ones that'll be in "P.o.A." It doesn't look at thing like those duel striped one everyone's used to seeing.
--Why didn't Fred or George bother to help Ron when he was spewing out slugs?
--Oliver Wood looks yummy in his Quidditch robes. ^__^ SoDoesHarry. =X ButIWannaSeeCedric!!!
--There's a girl in McGonagall's class that looks like Moaning Mertle. She has pigtails & can be seen just behind McGonagall when she's giving her Chamber of Secrets history speech.
--During the cancelation of the Hufflepuff VS Gryffindor match; Gryffindor was dismissed & were told to return to the Tower. But Hufflepuff is still out on the feild, flying around as if no one told them about it.......??? Uhm,...okay.
--The guy who plays Flint...isn't a very good actor, I'm sorry to say.
--I like Snape's dueling stance. X] It makes me giggle. The way he stands is so very kung-fu like. Tee hee!
--The Expelliarmus spell is meant to disarm the opponent. However, when Snape did it to Lockhart, he was still holding onto his wand.
--Rictusempra--Weren't you supposed to be giggling your pants off after that, Draco?
--I half expect Dumbledore to break out singing his "Naked Time!" song at the end feast. XD!!!
--Check out Hermione's chameleon that's in front of her during the Transfiguration lesson scene. It's...not...moving. o.O
--I tried looking closer at them multiple times but I'm still unsure. Are those UNICORNS pulling the sleds through the snow, or just regular white horses?
--After Tom calls out the Basilisk, wouldn't Harry still be able to hear it talking to him, even though Harry's got no control over it whatsoever?
--I find it funny how Tom just stands around, watching Harry do everything during the whole battle scene. Such an evil genius.
--I finally got to see the end clip after all the credits! I've never seen it until now...O.O Poor, poor Lockhart....<=*(

With the movie now over, I must get to bed & hopefully find my muse when I wake up agaon. And now, just for your viewing pleasure: Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azakaban: The Italian Version. It's a few inches smaller than the U.S. hardback. It's also much thinner too. I took a picture of them side by side but I forgot to upload it to my server earlier. XP

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[08 Jan 2004|09:12am]

Ash, remember that picture I showed you yesterday that seemed odd?

http://www.mugglenet.com/images/jppromo3.jpg (third picture down to the rest of you)

I figured out what it was! It was another Boggart! Dunno whose. Looks like it could be Seamus? Did anyone have a fear of clowns in PoA? O_o;
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[05 Jan 2004|04:18pm]

I am ammused.

New PoA Legos. This one is called "Lupin's Classroom" with no Lupin.

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*Cries*.... [04 Jan 2004|12:27pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Last Night...


Me: "So, when's your graduation gonna be?"

My Sister: "June 4th."

Me: "Nu-uh--It is not!"

My Sister: "Yeah it is..."

Me: "Are you sure it's not like,...on the 7th or anything?"

My Sister: (Nods & looks at me like I'm stupid...)

Me: "I wanted to be in Cali by June 4th!....Then I guess I'm not going to your graduation."

My Sister: "I don't care. Don't go."


Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! >.< Can you believe that?!? June 4th! My sister is the last of my siblings & she'll be graduating this year. No doubt my eldest sister & relatives from WI & KS will be here for it too. I don't want to miss a family get-together but I don't want to miss out on watching the "P.o.A." premiere with you guys either. <=*(

What to do?........Should I stay or should I just skip out on my sister's graduation? Keep in mind, not too many family members showed up for mine when I graduated--but my Grandmother was ill at the time, so I can't be too upset because of it. I still wished that for once, I'd have a big party thrown in my recognition. But I'm stuck on what to do or which to chose now.....

And is it just this stupid slow laptop of mine or did the layout colors in here change? o.O Might just be my stupid laptop....
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HP Pride! [29 Dec 2003|11:44pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Deinonchi: I seriously was thinking of getting my lil' beetle a liscenceplate that says, like... "snpeluvah" or something. ;D
AzianWolfDoll: XDDD!!! You should have!!! XDDD
Deinonchi: I mean I could.
Deinonchi: I think it'd be hilarious.
Deinonchi: You could be, like.. Cdrcluvah
Deinonchi: When Emmy gets a car..

AzianWolfDoll: Do it! X) I bet there's not one out there! X)
Deinonchi: Lckhtluva

Too bad I already picked mine all out too. X) Ashley & Emmy: You both have yet to pick yours. Chose it wisely. O_~</font>

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[20 Dec 2003|09:25am]

Image of Lupin...Large image. Rather fuzzy, still, but at least you can see him. Why do they always have to be so bloody fuzzy. >(

Warning: It's BIG.

Looney Loopey Lupin
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*Giggles* [15 Dec 2003|06:15pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Professor Flitwick's first name is...Filius? X) How cute. ^_^ I never knew that.

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Shake Yer Groove Thang! [12 Dec 2003|11:34am]

[ mood | giggly ]

I. Made. More! ^_^

"Raise da--Raise da--Raise da ROOF!!!"
Da roof is on Fi-ah!

"I can mash po-tay-tah! I can do the twist! Now tell me, bay-beh! Do you like it like this?"

Shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake, shake! Shake yer boot-eh!
I hope you're feeling better, Emmy. ♥
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You can stop being curious now, Caitlin. X) [10 Dec 2003|02:17pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

For meh HP Luvah-Buddies! ^_^ ♥♥♥♥ Sorry they're a bit small. Mala, yours is 100 X 100 if you wanted to use it as an icon. I tried getting the other two to size down too, but if I had gone smaller,...you wouldn't be able to see anything. X.x I've got one for me too but I wanted to get you 3 done before starting mine. Enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: I did not create nor do I own Potter Pals. X)</strong>

Dance, Mala, dance!

Fear my waggly eyebrows!!!

Yeah, you know you like that, baby!
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Erm,...Question. [24 Nov 2003|09:19am]

[ mood | curious ]

(Anyone up for answering another pointless question from moi?...If so, please continue.)

Pardon me for sounding pouty but...Why do I only have one nickname & the rest of ya's gots, well...more than one? o.O And I dub Emmy as the "LustyLockhartLover" since I'm on the subject. =3

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[21 Nov 2003|03:07pm]

...Anyone else highly amused by all these in-depth theories for HP? Just read a theory about Severus Snape being Regelus in disquise. It was like an /essay/, I am not kidding you, linking everything they can. Be it from personal opinions to greek myths.

I think it's a load of bull...Severus is Severus, not "Perseus Evans" which subsequently links him to Lily...whom is linked to Narcissa who is, in turn, linked to everyone else in the bloody HP universe because the fans say so. Regulus is just Regulus...Stubby Boardman. A man who shows an uncanny-likeness to Sirius. Does that not ring a bell to some people? =\ 'Course watch me be totally wrong and bashing these theories when they're true. X) *snort, puts on the dunce hat*

Though I am rather fond of the "Bat Animagus" theory surrounding Sev but I doubt Rowling will bring along another unregistered Animagi (at least that would be a small something Dumbledore could use against him; a bit of a leash). I just don't want him to be a vampire *bias*

Anyone else come across some amusing theories?

...And I randomly want to say I love this icon. Speaks the truth, yo. *adorepurrcling*
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???~.^??? [17 Nov 2003|01:25pm]

[ mood | curious/clueless ]

(.....I feel a stupid question rising.....)

Okay, so the 3rd movie is moving along nicely & everything's going great with that but--What's the status on book 6? I haven't heard anything about it, which is why I asked. I don't keep up with the Daily Prophet. ^-^"

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Hmm.... [13 Nov 2003|06:03pm]

[ mood | silly ]

I'm a little confused. Is this what they mean by "crossovers"?....

Professor Jamala Snape


(Don't mind me. I'm taking a bit o' a break from homework.)

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